Same-Sex High Schools are Instrumental in The Development of Well Rounded Students

When it comes to the education of girls not all high schools are created is equal. During the most important developmental years of a young life, it is important that she is surrounded by an environment that will bring out the best of her abilities. Unfortunately, the traditional co-ed high school may not be the best option for some female students, due to the many pressures to conform to certain group standards, such as dating or having a boyfriend just because. Attending an all-girls high school is a great way to help resolve concerns by eliminating various unwanted distractions.

Therefore, some of the advantages of attending a same-sex high School include being constantly surrounded by an inspirational environment where females are able to express themselves freely. All girl high schools also provided stable learning environments with same-sex classrooms, which in turn can lead to an increase in a young women’s confidence and rational thinking skills. Girls who attend same-sex high schools additionally perform much higher academically where classroom settings challenge female students to perform at their highest potential without distractions. In addition to developing strong cognitive skills, female students are able to create a solid self-esteem to be comfortable being themselves, as well as take on multiple roles that can have a direct impact on broadening future career interests.

Furthermore, attendance at an all-girls high school exposes young women to a wider variety of subject interests including science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Girls who attend same-sex high school institutions are 6 times more likely to consider majoring in a STEM-related field than those who attended co-ed institutions. Strong leadership skills are also stretched with young women developing strong leadership skills, working as a team to accomplish goals while learning to express the lifelong qualities of confidence, resiliency compassion, and confidence.

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Teachers working in this type of high school environment, such as all girls catholic school Bowie MD, also experience advantages by being able to focus in on servicing each female students’ unique learning style without distractions due to the elimination of the opposite sex. Stronger feedback on coursework and test are also experienced. Additionally, being surrounded by an environment of all female staff, as well as follow students can inspire young women to build strong mentoring relationships with staff members such as school counselors and professors, not to mention strong peer friendships. Young female students are able to form interpersonal relationships where they can share intimate information and hold fellow students other accountable to accomplish academic goals.

All-girl institutions not only prepare the young female student to succeed while in high school but to thrive in real life academic and personal situations after matriculating. Young women who attend all-girl institutions have stronger skills to aid them in future endeavors, where professional skills such as public speaking and writing will be required. Lastly, students attending all-girl institutions often feel free to be themselves within comfortable and encouraging environments with the main focus being centered on learning and growing.